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2nd Meraki Theatre Festival

Soch Rangmanch in association with Artise brings to you the 2nd edition of Meraki College Theatre Festival - 2023. A day filled with emotions, expressions, drama, and more. 6 best teams of colleges and beloved audiences, celebrating theatre

Acting & Drama Classes

by Aadhaar- The Dramatics Society of

Motilal Nehru College

Time: 12:05 PM 

"Woh kufr ke syaah samandar mein se tair ke vapis aaye hain! Beshaq yeh sawalaat zaroori hain, yeh unse pucho jinpar tum aitbaar karte ho" Can the mere forwarding of a video lead to an unforeseen turn of events? The death of a loved one sends two innocent young boys, Tariq and Ijaz into spirals of misfortune that changed their lives forever. The tale of mysticism and raising questions on one's own beliefs, Mi'raj' follows the journey of faith and doubt.

Singing & Dance

by Lakshya- The Dramatics Society of

Kamala Nehru College

Time: 1:10 PM 

Arishadvarga is a murder mystery that will take you on a journey with all the six sins or enemies of mind and embrace them. The play is set in a brothel where the plot follows six women with different stories of their own. As every story unfolds, a murder comes to light. The play focuses on the conflict that lives within the six women and paths they choose for themselves. Suspection follows and truths are uncovered


by Natuve - The Dramatics Society of

Shaheed Bhagat Singh College

Time: 02:45 PM 

Sundar Mahto's lifelong quest to write a novel on the infamous serial killer Yamantak has brought him to Fairfield. Hidden deep in the heart of Andaman, he is on the cusp of the greatest story of his career but an unforeseen challenge stands in his way. The head psychologist of India's most dangerous mental asylum, Dr. Srivastav, bars his entry from the institution. As Sundar goes deeper into the world of Fairfields his perception of reality is challenged. The echoes of the insane strike a familiar chord in Sundar's psyche giving rise to millions of questions.


by Sangharsh - The Dramatics Society of

Shaheed Bhagat Singh (E) College

Time: 3:50 PM 

"Everything is true if we believe"

Imagine living in a normal family with some abnormalities . Shanti niwas, house of middle class family  living peacefully until that one day it becomes the house of dead or living? What exactly has happened on 16 October 2000 that the life of all the characters has changed? What if somebody told you that your whole life is a lie ,Randhir who’s exploring his life on his own terms deeply hit by the blow where he loses the ability of making sense. Whereas Vikram the creator of Randhir's world brings about an existence which is beyond our peripheries, beyond what consciousness could accept. Amidst all this, when Randhir comes across Radhika, forgets the boundaries of what is wrong and right. 

और जब कोई किसी का अंत किसी के लिए अनंत बनाता हैं, तब उठते है सवाल?

Moora poster.jpg
Smriti Bhram.jpg

by Rangayan - The Dramatics Society of

Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College

Time: 4:55 PM 

The stillness of mind often takes a turbulent turn when layered with chaos. Our play "Smriti Brahm" gyrates around a similar circumstance wherein the protagonist is baffled with the mystey that begins to edge around his life. What happens when the past revives and the medicine tastes sour than usual? Does the stain of dark imprints haunt the present? Is it just the apparent illusion or is the chaos real? The play chooses to entangle you deep within its enigma but drops you in a position to evince its distinctive theme of "betrayal".

Tune in to unwind the threads of this conundrum and seek answers to the chaos that is keen and prepared to submerge your minds.


by Ibtida - The Dramatics Society of

Hindu College

Time: 6:00 PM 

Since ages, the two opposing forces of good and evil have always been in a conflict. As modernity dawned upon the human race, it brought along its own shades of virtue, as well as all the vices. Today this shade of evil has become a characteristic of the human race - is mankind stuck in this miserable state of affairs? KAL(K)I is set in a modern day business firm, where all the partners are engrossed in a desperate and heated power struggle, putting forward a disdainful parallel to the real world, where all people imitate this behavior, knowingly or unknowingly. A proposition of rearrangement of the share distribution structure gives birth to a bitter fight amongst all the founding partners of MyMitr Pvt. Ltd. A story of bitter faith, betrayals and malignancy follows Apitesh, Aanush, Tammana, Avinay, Joy and Raksha as they represent the human condition. Will all of this culminate as KALI? Or do humans dare hope for a KALKI?

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