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Soch Rangmanch


Engaged in reinventing theatre, Soch Rangmanch, is a seminary of creative thinkers. Affordable and accessible theatre has always been a specialization of Soch Rangmanch family. We firmly believe that theatre curriculum has to be flexible as is theatre performance. It does not require stage and hence we have moved theatre from on-stage to unorthodox off-stage locations

This has been possible with #CafeTheatre. #CommunityTheatre and #TheatreAtWork initiatives by Soch Rangmanch. These new formats have made it possible for us to reach out to audience instead of they have to make the effort of serching for best content and performance. With a team of experts we design workshops for theatre enthusiasts on various topics, not limited to acting. We believe in making them all-rounders who should be aware of costumes, lights, sound, and of course acting as well.

Our Team

The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge. - 'Seymour Papert'
The team of mentors is exactly busy creating an environment where actors have the freedom to imagine, express, and create novel ideas. With vast experience in theatre behind us, we still believe in sharing thoughts, working as one team, including learners and learned. Join us to experience a new theatre!  

Soch Rangmanch- Workshops
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