This is Why We Do, What We Do...


Thank you Sushmita, for participating in PicWord.

It's being completely one month today being a part of online initiative S.O.C.H (Seminary of Creative Hearts) . And I loved that how you people help us in exploring our talent, in knowing ourself better, in doing more and more, in growing up and much more. Please continue this. I'd love to be a part of your initiaves : )


Thank you Anupama, for your constant support.

मेरे लिए open mic बहुत नया अनुभव था l लेकिन सोच ने इसे आसान और यादगार बना दिया l मैं बार - बार इस तरह के मंच से अपने अनुभव साझा करना चाहती हूँ l मैं हमेशा से अपनी कविताएँ व अपने भाव सबके साथ बाँटना चाहती थी जिसका मौका मुझे सोच ने दिया l मैं इसके लिए आप सबकी आभारी हूँ l


Thank you Shalini, for gracing our Open Mic with your presence.

It was beautiful experience ahead .the people who organised these events such positive and cooperative personalities .i really enjoyed allot .and I hope I will connect again an again with this group .


Thank you Nikita, for gracing our Open Mic with your presence.

It was such a great feeling to share the platform with such talented people. It was a really nice experience. The USP of the platform is its variety of talents at the same place...thoroughly enjoyed my presentation and others performances.